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how to reach 50-55 mph?

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Hey guys im brand new, I need some help figuring out my first build
My goals are to have an electric kart that can get up to 50-55 mph at the most. Acceleration would be awesome too (anything more than a standard car) but id like to take this to work every day, it's not too long of a drive.
Anyways. Would a 72v motor get the job done? If I use a 72v, what should the gearing be? Im thinking about using motorcycle wheels fyi. Thanks in advance!
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need more information on the 72v motor
72v will get you to the speed u want
accelleration will be similar to normal car

a kart doing 90kph/55mph wont be stable at all, you might want to take a page from forkenswifts book or convert a bike :)
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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