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how to reach 50-55 mph?

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Hey guys im brand new, I need some help figuring out my first build
My goals are to have an electric kart that can get up to 50-55 mph at the most. Acceleration would be awesome too (anything more than a standard car) but id like to take this to work every day, it's not too long of a drive.
Anyways. Would a 72v motor get the job done? If I use a 72v, what should the gearing be? Im thinking about using motorcycle wheels fyi. Thanks in advance!
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Good to , ill see if I can get some more info on it, and make it more steady, like a dune buggy or something
What should I think about for gearing though
How would I match ratio with rpm though?
Oh I wasn't going to have a transmission. Well. Id like to drive it to work everyday, but also drift in it. Money isn't a huge obstacle, but still in my mind though. Reverse is nice but not a requirement, but still nice. What wattage is that motor? Remember this is a buggy not a car. I guess performance is more important
Are motorcycle tires really that big? Yeah that's twice as much rpm as some 72v go kart motors im looking at, some beast ones go up to about 3700
Doug do you mean a motor that has a lower top rmp?
Skooler im building a go kart that may be a little on the big size, but barley
Yeah that'll happen eventually
Yeah ill plug in my numbers into your stuff when I get home, thanks for the help man
I got a ratio od 4:1 with 20 inch tires abd at 3700 rpm.... so, shouldn't this take into consideration power? Or is this assuming it can even get that fast?
Ill look into it, thanks man
Has anyone heard of goldenmotor? They look like they have a lot of options, lots of power too.
Soooo maybe 72v, but what wattage?
I was going to try to keep it simple and not use a transmission, as most go don't have one.

As long as I can beat most things on the road up to 60mph ill be happy

Could I get a fancy controller that has a reverse or does it not work like that? I wish I had pictures but im still in the design phase

Ill look into alltrax. Was your first paragraph in response to my question about goldenmotors? I found a 48-92v 3-7.5kw motor from them
I would feel more comfortable (reason unknown) that I get most of my stuff from one manufacturer, golden has everything from throttle pedals, controllers, small water pumps for water cooled motors (I sorta like the water cooled idea-idk why) Maybe becuase it's a reassurance that everything will match up and work together
Interesting, but mine will wiegh no where close to 1000, its going to be as small as possible and as light as possible, its a go kart, not a car, so there will be no glass or doors or metal besides what is required, maybe 600 with me in it at most (im 160)

But really, what kind of voltage/watage/amperage should I be looking for?
That's the problem though, no one is making an overpowerd street legal go kart, and if they are, it's a car

So voltage doesn't make power? Wattage does?
Actually I found a 20kw 72v (26hp) .....would this be powerful enough
Happy is beating the majorty of stock cars on 0-60 and eventually reach 45-60 mph
If that 71.2 is the top speed, yes I would love to know everything youve used/done. Can it reverse?
I have a neighbor of mine make a dune buggy (gas) street legal

Slimdog would you mind sharing the specs of your and controller? Maybe gear ratio?
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