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Howdy from AZ!

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Hey everyone!

Fun Fact: I built my first EV, DIY, in 1993! It was an autonomous vehicle that we built as a senior project and shipped off to Michigan for a nationwide competition. It was terrible and I loved every minute of it. It was based on a Barbie Jeep, stripped to the 'frame' and built intelligent control systems to mount on the now flattened platform.

Come to think of it, it was a "skateboard" design almost 30 years ago! :)

More seriously, though, I'm an electrical engineer/software developer. I've owned a BMW i3 and am currently considering my own DIY build.

What has my attention right now is taking a Cadillac XLR, dropping the front and rear sub-frame assemblies with all the unnecessary parts, as well as the drive train of course. The car has a clean/rigid center tunnel as well as HUGE space where the Northstar V8 sat. The track is 62.2" exactly the same as a Tesla model 3, so I am considering the possibility of simply using Model 3 subframe/cradles and the goodies. I'm starting to chat with a battery supplier about potential battery pack designs.

I'm excited to have found this forum! By piecing together sub assemblies, it's a little less DIY, but I think would still be a fun project and a blast to drive afterward.

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Zero faults or malfunctions. It was awesome!

It sounded like the Enterprise when standing on it. I loved the seats and cabin, truly taking advantage of the flat floor. Very fun to drive.

However, the range was just so challenging! Plus, we ended up moving to an apartment where I didn't have the ability to charge at home. So I had to let it go.

My wife didn't like the one pedal driving, though. Had we been able to tone it down, she might have liked it better.
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