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Hi all,

Stumbled upon this forum looking for info about converting a vehicle to all-electric.

I'm in central NY and currently have a diesel '02 Excursion that I run primarily on used cooking oil. I'm looking to get rid of our gasser family van ('04 Sienna) and was thinking an EV would be perfect since our daily miles with the van are generally under 100. Also, we use the Vegistroke (Excursion) for long trips, towing, etc.

I thin another cool EV would be a crewcab 4x4 truck or 4WD Excursion. Obviously, lots of weight to contend with... But, with a powerful motor, it could pull a small enclosed trailer with extra battery banks and a diesel/veg genny in it for recharging batteries on long distance trips. This way, the primary vehicle could be kept free of an ICE and used for normal <100 mile daily use. But just hook up the trailer for long-distance trips and away you go.

I'll use the "search" feature, of course, but if anyone wants to point me to a cool family van conversion, by all means, please do so. Also, if my truck/SUV + trailer idea sounds rediculous or possibly doable, please feel free to comment and advise on that also.

I look forward to learning and someday contributing!

Muns53 :D
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