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HowTo Tesla - Backing Up the Firmware

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So, I am now locked out of my CID, and all streaming radio is just static as are turn signals and all bongs. I thought Tesla had done it. But someone who would know told me they had never heard of Tesla doing this, and that it's more likely that Ingineer (Phil) has done this to me. It's a serious problem.

Ok so I appealed for help from some old friends: ce2078, verygreen, and appleguru. We used to share information. But for some reason each in his turn has gone into radio silence.

None will help me with this. No idea why. I am alone.

I notice that even with my repeated encouragement none of them has posted any sort of howto like the ones I've posted here. So it seems that this is what we are doing -- not helping anyone.

As a result I've taken down my howtos. I'm sorry about this but there is some kind of political problem which I don't understand.

Of course this action will not make any of them more likely to help me, I am sure quite the opposite. (Nonsensically) But at this point I have nothing to lose. Why should I help others when NO ONE will help me in an emergency? Life in the Big City.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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