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Howzit, New and Uninformed....?!?

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I started thinking about converting something to an electric car a while ago, I really didn't know that so many were already tinkering with this in their spare time...
I really don't know much about all that is required, but thankfully there is such a think as internet...

I just want some answers for now to some simple questions, simple for you maybe but not so much for me.
Questions: I want something for distance rather than speed, What is the important things to achieve this? More batteries? Smaller Motor? Less or more motors? Batteries connected in series? Parallel? At least want a speed of 120 km/h but want to hit huge distance?

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Batteries, batteries, batteries and as little drag as possible. Oh, and batteries. :D

When it comes to distance it really doesn't matter much what motor or controller you choose, what you need is lots of stored energy but by decreasing the power needed (by reducing air resistance, friction in transmission, keeping the brakes in top condition etc) you'll get as much miles out of your batteries as possible.
next question?
does any1 know of a company in south africa who supply the types of electric motors required to start a project like this. I have done some searching and have only found industrial motors and such
have a look at this thread in Motors

Then have a look around your area for a fork lift truck breaker or repair shop. If there is an industrial area nearby then there may be someone working on the forklifts. Many warehouses also use electric trucks and tugs and the motors from them could also work.

It may be worth looking at commercial vehicle and plant breakers or dealers too. An old forklift with dead batteries, no charger and leaking hydraulics is often worth considerably less its weight in steel. You could get a get one to break for parts, motor, contactors, switches, etc and then sell the separated scrap for more then you paid for the truck.
Howzit. Did you ever get to building your EV. I am from SA
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