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HPEVS AC-20 motor encoder

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I need to replace the whole encoder. I bought one from HPEVS, but I finally got around to opening the box and discovered they only gave me the sensor.

I need the whole assembly, so I found this:

My only problem is that I don't know the EXACT details for the product configuration. Does anyone know what to elect? Thanks
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Have you reached out to HPEVS? I can for you, I have ordered the whole assembly before. I don't know the PN or details, but HPEVS is pretty reasonable.

I haven't reached out to them, but the sensor was about the same price as the whole assembly from that website. I figured HPEVS sending me the whole thing, but they only sent me the part that tends to go bad. I had thrown away the assembly thinking I was getting a brand new one.

If I can get the exact specs, I was just going to give this website a try.
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