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I have an HPEVS AC35x2 motor and Curtis 1239E-76xx controllers. I'm starting to wonder about other controller options, specifically higher voltage controllers. I haven't been able to find any examples of people using HPEVS motors with any controllers other than Curtis products, granted the majority of their motors are going to be purchased in kits with the controller and harness.

So my questions are:
  1. Is there a reason why that motor shouldn't be run off another controller? As far as I'm concerned an AC induction motor is an AC induction motor (to a point).
  2. Does anyone with AC35 motor experience know what the max voltage on the motor is? All of HPEVS' data seems to be controller limited. I have an email inquiry out to them, but someone here might have an answer sooner.
I have the potential to go up to ~345V on the controller input with my pack, and I would rather do that vs. paralleling the modules to stay under my Curtis controller 120V max. I can still pull a ton of current even without the modules paralleled.

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