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hpevs AC76 MOTOR

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selling a HPEVS AC76 motor and controller (if wanted tried repairing controller but gave up at 700$ invested ) all new mosfets and all boards but still getting a motor resistance to high error ... I have megged the motor and the motor is not the issue at all ...

so to make things short Im selling the MOTOR like new only 2 years of usage about 10,000 km in my bmw ev . if the buyer wants the none working controller to try to fix ill ship it with it ...

im in canada quebec ... make me an offer ( CANT STAND SEEING IT IN MY GARAGE :( )plus shipping ...
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I was asked to give a price ....

1,400 usd plus shipping the perfect condition motor is yours and not functioning controller as well ... all the mosfets have been changed (300 dollars almost in parts as they had blown from a short circuit caused by a f*&(*?& washer falling on the lugs of the motor shorting the controller output ...)

when starting the controller gives a motor resistance to high ... and the inrush resistor cooks up ... thats as far as ive gotten and as far as ill get with my knowledge ...
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