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HVDC and 3 Phase Cable Routing

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In one of my build threads, routing of my cables came up, and I was a little unsure of the rules of the game. Tesseract came up with some recommendations for my situation, but I thought it might be helpful to have a reference here in the wiki.

First, it was said that the DC cables running to the controller should be run close together, and twisted if possible. Avoid running the negative on one side of the car, and then the positive on the other, as many would assume.

I also have come to understand that the 3 phase cables that go from the controller to the motor should be kept as short as possible, and that they are kinda like antennas and emit frequencies, so a metal conduit or shield would be desirable. I am not sure if it is important to twist them or not, maybe somebody could step in here. I am also not clear on how far apart we want the DC cables from the 3 Phase, or if that even matters.

I am interested in putting a reference on cable routing here, so that DIYers in the future can have a good guide, even if they are not from an electrical background, so if anybody has other pointers on things to do/ things to avoid, please chime in.
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To pass any EMC requirement a good practice is: to keep the AC wires covered with copper braided cable sleeves. If possible connect the sleeve to the vehicle chassis on both sides. This minimizes the radiated energy.
The braided cables can be covered in flexible conduit.
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