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REMY ELECTRIC MOTORS HVH250 Resolver offset: 98 ~115 DOM Part #8900200 700v 600a

These motors were rated at 420kw (700v x 600amps = 420kw), though I would not run them that high they are extremely robust. They are mated to a borg warner 2.28:1 gearbox with a GM drive shaft. (corvette, camaro, transam, silverado, tahoe) They came out of a prototype 2500 chevy van and had more torque and HP than it's gas brothers. They have OEM mounting brackets on them. They are a highflow high torque version of all of the other hvh-250's you see on ebay. RMS (rinehart) as well as New Eagle have a controller for these. For an extra grand I'll throw in the radiator, vehicle ecm, and touchscreen from the vehicle that these were in. These motors have a max rpm of 10600 so they could be plugged into a differential immediately
Asking $4,800 usd free shipping


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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