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I am in the early stages of designing a hybrid system for the 996/997 Porsche 911 AWD. The end goal is to push my eyes further into my head apex to apex.

These are rear-engined sports cars, with the transmission in front of the engine. What makes these cars ripe for a hybrid conversion is the transmission on them has an "output" shaft that goes to a front viscous coupled differential.

The front differential can be removed, making the cars rear-drive only. An electric motor could then be fitted where the differential once was, and power fed into the drive train through the front of the transmission. There is possibly room for the battery where the rest of the final drive and half-shafts were. The trunk is located directly above this, which gives more space for components.

Their engines red line at 7200 RPM, and generally make the most torque between 3500 RPM and 5500 RPM. The electric motor would be turning at the speed of the engine, through the rear differential.

These are already relatively fast cars. The hybrid system would be used like a supercharger for wide open throttle (or near WOT, 75-100%) conditions. As such, even a 70-100 ft/lb increase in torque would be sufficient.

They come from the factory with 2 radiators, but the ability to fit a third radiator. The location of the electric motor in line with the front wheels makes liquid cooling the controller, motor and battery pack nearly trivial.

They have electronic throttle bodies, so control of the electric "boost" would be based off the throttle position sensors already integrated into the car. Tapping into that might not be trivial.

DIY hybridization (especially for sports car application) isn't as popular as a straight EV conversion. I am having a hard time finding resources to get started on things like battery pack sizing, and most importantly, charging. I don't see this as a plug in hybrid, but I need to get energy into the batteries somehow.

Most of the AC controllers allow for re-gen braking, but I need to charge as well when the car is just cruising.

I would love to hear input from this group, especially if you have links to resources.

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