Dear all,

We bought an entire electrification kit from EV Shop in 2021.
It took us roughly one year to convert our vehicle and we tried to homologate it in Belgium but without success.
After this we want to stop the activity and resell the parts bought.

The car has globally rolled ~250 kms on private roads.

Here are the main components

1x Hyper 9 + SME ACX1 LV

1x Orion 2 BMS Kit 48C-183m

5x Tesla module 5,3 kWh

1x DC/DC TCC 1000W

1x TC Charger 3,3 kW

1x AC Compressor 96V

but all small accessories can be given for free with it (contactor... fuse... etc)

If the whole vehicle interest you, we might give a good deal for the total too. He is 100% working.

Here below a few pictures of the baby.

Price will be 50% of all of the list below.

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If you are interested you can contact me at: [email protected] or by answering this post.