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Hyundai elantra 2006

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I'm going to have a summary of questions at the bottom and a few I didn't type in the 4 paragraphs

So I'm debating on converting my vehicle, its a 2006 Hyundai Elantra sedan, I'm not sure the exact specs most people give out, but heres the main pointers, its a 4 cylinder and it has 138HP, power steering, no ABS, the Curb weight is 2837, automatic transmission, front wheel drive, I have steel rims 185/65R15.

Now the motor I was originally looking at was a AC50, I was pretty set on it, then I saw the WARP9 (I think it was) mostly because it was a DC motor, then I realized it had brushes so I kept looking, then I came upon the Hyper9. So I'm thinking about using a hyper 9, I couldn't find the exact sheets on everything but I was mostly concerned with the fact that it says it can draw up to around 800 AMPS. I work with a master electrician and he was confused as well because I couldn't find out if that was the battery draw, or if it was distributed between the 3 power legs off the controller. If anyone has a more specific answer than what I assumed I would love to hear it because I'm in the dark.

The batteries I was all over the place, I kept finding different things, first I was going to make my own with 18650's (3.6v 3AMP/3000mAh) I was willing to take the chance on them, until i heard about 32650's (3.6v 6AMP/6000mAh) and I'm thinking about going with that now, my plan is 40 in series to get 144v, and then put them in 15 bundles of parallel for 90Ah. I was watching a video of a guy converting his Miata (I know his size, Aerodynamics, and weight is alot different) he put a hyper9 and on their webpage (zero-ev i think it was called) said "10 of these cells will move a hyper 9" (link to that quote: LG 4P3S Module 2.6KWh - Zero EV) the batteries he was referring to was a battery with 11v and 60AH. Long story short I was wondering if my batteries would be ok all together i would have 600 32650's and it would have a voltage of 144 and amperage of 90Ah.

My final question would be the rest of the car, I have power steering and AC.... and I dunno what else is on my motors belt, I could care less about AC, I'm in Maine so honestly it doesn't matter that much to me, but power steering and the brakes are the only thing I'm curious as to what to do, my power steering I want to do away with, but I'm not mechanically inclined to know what to do with that, and AC I was just gonna dump, brakes I'm not sure what to do because I hear about vacuum pumps or something for brakes... maybe it was for power steering, sorry for not having correct information its 10:30PM and im pretty tired.

What is the exact data sheet with the motor draw, does the 800AMP draw on the battery, or each leg of the controller?

would the 32650's be good to handle the motor, and if you happen to know a guess on the range? 3.6v 6AMP/6000mAh

What can I do with my power steering? and how do I handle the brakes? (photo of the engine bay nothing special)

Can I possibly do a direct drive? I was thinking I couldn't where its front wheel drive (unless if I used two motors...)

Transmission wise, is there something special I have to do (after motor is mounted) to keep everything good, I thought I heard about something.

sorry this is long but this has been a few questions I've had, I've attempted to do research on the motor but I had no luck, and I know a few things about electrical but not so much about cars, I've been studying electrical engineering a little nothing big, but just some of the things are a haze to me.
thank you so much if you can answer these questions that have been stuck with me
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Did I post in the wrong forum?
Your Hyundai Elantra is an interesting choice. Interesting in that it is a pretty boring car to put the effort into converting. I like the Elantra, I used to own one. They are good, well engineered cars, but they aren't special, from a style point of view.

Most people choose a conversion car, because they are attracted to the styling. The Elantra is a nice looking car, but it does not tend to turn heads. There is a huge amount of work in a conversion, so having a passion for the car, itself, helps to motivate the project.

Maybe you have a passion for your car. Passion is subjective, after all. I'm just saying that a passion for the vehicle is an important motivating factor, for the project.

From a practical point of view, I think the Elantra would be a good choice for a conversion.

Your battery cell choice seems viable. It will be a lot of work to build up packs, from cells, but you will have the flexibility to make modules that fit available spaces.

Your automatic transmission isn't really viable. You could swap in a manual transmission, and use the Hyper 9, or you could use a salvaged Leaf or Prius motor.

I'm no expert, but my impression is that a manual transmission/Hyper 9 conversion is simpler and potentially more expensive. Utilizing a salvaged EV or hybrid motor tends to be less expensive, but more challenging.

Running the motor as a direct drive is viable for rear wheel drive cars, as they have a differential to deliver drive to both wheels. A front wheel drive vehicle has the differential built into the trasnsmission, so you would either use a manual transmission, or a salvaged electric drive with a built-in differential.

There are electric power steering pumps and electric vacuum pumps available for brakes. Take a look at the EV West web site, to get a sense of the options there. Once you know what you are looking for, you can likely find a regional source.

Best of luck planning out your project.
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I posted this again in technical but I updated it a little. I saw someone do a sonata and he just looped the power steering is that a possibility? And also I was debating on buying my friends fiero and doing a conversion on that.
I have heard of that, but haven't seen it done. You lose power steering, and it is more effort than an all mechanical steering setup. 12 Volt power steering pumps are available. I think the Fiero uses one. EV West sells a couple of different options, but I would look at a regional junkyard, or maybe ebay.

You could try the looping trick, to start with. If you don't like it, adding an electric power steering pump is easy.
I know this sounds picky, but I was going to attempt to try to have the car quiet, I know the motor isn't quiet but I just don't really use power steering that much, I park in a garage and even then I don't really use it. I know in parking lots it'll be useful but again I'm in maine we have pretty small towns where I'm at. And also do you need the vacuum pump for the brakes? I just thought the brake pedal would do where I have no ABS, thats what I mostly was confused about
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