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Hyundai elantra 2006...

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I think I posted this last post in the wrong forum, but I'm going to sum everything up, Main questions at the bottom

2006 Hyundai Elantra sedan, its a 4 cylinder and it has 138HP, power steering, no ABS, the Curb weight is 2837, automatic transmission, front wheel drive, 185/65R15.

Motor of choice: Hyper9. So I'm thinking about using a hyper 9, I couldn't find the exact sheets on everything but I was mostly concerned with the fact that it says it can draw up to around 800 AMPS. I see the spread sheet but does anyone know the exact draw
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Batteries: 32650's (3.6v 6AMP/6000mAh) and I'm thinking about going with that now, my plan is 40 in series to get 144v, and then put them in 15 bundles of parallel for 90Ah. I was watching a video of a guy converting his Miata (I know his size, Aerodynamics, and weight is alot different) he put a hyper9 and on their webpage (zero-ev i think it was called) said "10 of these cells will move a hyper 9" (link to that quote: LG 4P3S Module 2.6KWh - Zero EV) the batteries he was referring to was a battery with 11v and 60AH. Long story short I was wondering if my batteries would be ok all together i would have 600 32650's and it would have a voltage of 144 and amperage of 90Ah.

My final question would be the rest of the car, I have power steering and AC.... and I dunno what else is on my motors belt, I could care less about AC, I'm in Maine so honestly it doesn't matter that much to me, but power steering and the brakes are the only thing I'm curious as to what to do, i saw a vide where the guy just looped his power steering, would I beable to do that as well? AC I was just gonna dump, brakes I'm not sure what to do because I hear about vacuum pumps or something for brakes... maybe it was for power steering.

What is the exact data sheet with the motor draw, does the 800AMP from the batteries?
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would the 32650's be good to handle the motor, and if you happen to know a guess on the range? 3.6v 6AMP/6000mAh


What can I do with my power steering? and how do I handle the brakes? (photo of the engine bay nothing special)
2006 Hyundai Elantra GLS Sedan 2.0 Liter DOHC 16V VVT 4 Cylinder Engine Photo #60760706 |

Can I possibly do a direct drive?

Transmission wise, is there something special I have to do (after motor is mounted) to keep everything good, I thought I heard about something.

I added a few links so you guys could look through the stuff I found.
thank you so much.
If this didn't work out well my friend was selling a Fiero, I was considering taking that where it has no power steering and doing the EV conversion on that