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I am Planning on Converting a 2000 Jeep Cherokee

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I would like to use [this]( motor to run my jeep. I don't know how the voltage works for these motors and have not been able to find information on what to do for a battery. Do I need a battery capable of outputting 360v to utilize the maximum capabilities of this motor? I am aware of how helpful capacitors are for start from a dead stop and how it saves your battery from damage.

This is how my jeep sits now, with its engine blown. [Jeep](

Here is a compiled list of what I want done for my Jeep:

* **AC motor**

I have heard that AC motor systems can have a "profile" system for changing your power usage from high torque mode to power saving mode. Basically a "sport mode switch"

* **Manual transmission swap**

I currently have the AW5 automatic transmission in the Jeep, I know that the higher the RPM of an Electric Motor the more power you are saving, which is the opposite of an ICE. So I want to put in an AX5 external slave transmission so I can manually choose my rpm to speed ratio

* **Battery Size**

as I stated before, I don't know how to figure out my voltage output. I am aiming for around 100 miles of range. I would like to install a nice sound system as well

* **Solar Pane**l

I know that self solar charging your car is kind of crazy and extremely slow and possibly unreliable, but I figure i can fit 2 solar panels on the large flat roof of the jeep and that could help add a tiny bit of range to my driving miles, and help if i decide to go camping for a few days or something crazy like that

* **Sport Profile Switch**

I figure I could have an economy mode, an offroad mode, possibly a towing mode, and an "oh shit" mode for when I get stuck in snow or mud. I live in Utah. The snowy-est part of Utah.

* **Traction Control**

I figure that with a motor this strong, I will be peeling out for days. This motor that I have chosen has nearly identical specs as the I6 4.0 gas engine that is already in it and I peel out my 32" and 10" wide tires, but Electric motors can apply its torque over nearly all of its RPM range. I want to be able to toggle on and off traction control to save on tire cost and because traction control can be very useful for daily driver use in snow and ice. But if you are stuck in some mud or deep snow situations it can help if you can turn off T/C

I don't want to talk about cost. I don't care about that part. I just want to have a powerful Jeep that can do Jeep things and then post videos of it on youtube so people can realize that fossil fuel is swiftly becoming outdated.

I am also curious on how controllers work. What is the difference between a 100Kw and a 150Kw controller?