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I bought a Tesla Model S Gen 2 Charger - Now What?

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Let me start off by saying how much I appreciate the folks on this Tesla 10Kw Open Source Charger Controller forum and the Tesla Charger Support Thread on the Open Inverter dot Org forum for doing all the heavy lifting for us to make this used Tesla Model S Gen 2 onboard charger a possibility in our EV Conversions.

I assume like most of you reading this, I have read the Gen2 Wiki, I have downloaded the Tesla Charger Evbmw Llogic Board Manual PDFs, I have watched their The Tesla Project : Charger 10kw Run YouTube videos. Having said that I firmly believe there is still a gap between those folks and those of us born without the Electrical Engineering set of chromosomes. That's where this thread comes in, help me document on the Duplo level what we will need to go from eBay order of one used charger to actually charging our converted vehicle using basic Level 1 SAE J1772 plug/connection (baby steps). I am happy to document it all (in pictures mind you), and buy all the bits and parts, I just need you to help me fill the gaps.

I hope to keep this thread wiring diagram free, ha ha, yes that's the level of simplicity I am striving for. OK, so here is what I know and here is what I got so far.

Assumptions: We will start off by doing this for the US, if we have input from across the pond I can add those updates too.
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Love this write up! Subscribing for more, hopefully soon (although that 24 pin connector has a long lead time by the looks of)..
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