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I came across this car for sale. It is local to me and I am going to look at it tomorrow.

They are asking 900.00 for it.

Does anyone know anything about this build? It's a 2009 aveo and he is saying it was built by a dealer.

Let me know what you guys think...


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Hard to go wrong for $900.

I'm skeptical that it was built by a dealer, unless he meant like, a pet project of someone who worked there.

Install job looks professionally done. Very tidy.

Motor and controller are probably worth the admission even if the batteries are shot.

Heck, wouldn't be too expensive to put an engine back in it and flip it for a decent amount.

If you buy it please take stock of it and come tell us what it is and does. Seems like a really good price if even half of it is working.
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