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I want that 300z

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Hello, I want an electric car but don't have the money for a new one. I just can't wait any longer. The 300z project in the market place looks like a good deal to me.

I run E85 in my 01 civic coupe with a custom motor and would like to hybridize that for my commute. I like all of the manual controls and the body.
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Just drive your car as is. You're not going to save more in gas than you spend on any conversion, you will need to buy a second car to drive, and a used EV is cheaper than a conversion.

Even that 300z needs $3000 (at least) in batteries. That car is a downpayment on a big spend and your time.

Keep buying gas at $5/gallon until you can replace your riced clunker with an EV.
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