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I am thinking the an old ford or dodge truck would make a great EV. New with the old. should be lots of trucks out there that projects have been started and dont have an engine or one that works. Many people put s10 frames under these trucks.

I have limited experience but I know some talented machinists and classic car restoration guys that could keep me moving in the right direction.

I am not sure about budget, I dont know what a realistic number is for the EV components is to even be able to judge where to start.

Not looking for a beauty queen to start, but the style could be added at a later date.

I work at an airport with lots of sheet metal and fabrication shops that I could get things done somewhat cheep or even be shown how to do it myself.

I think this would be pretty cool showing up in an old 44 dodge electric truck

work is 16 miles away and places in town that i would like to go are about 25-30 miles. So 70 miles would be nice but I would like to have at least 50 to make it usefull.

I understand and older vehicle would require significant body work possibly. But if i could find a good solid frame and transmission, the rest could be dealt with as my budget allows.

Please your thoughts and insights are most welcome!!
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