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Aloha, I did not convert my Yaris, I bought it already as an EV, so am wondering how much weight was taken out, ie motor, exhaust, fuel tank, Radiator and water. I know the weight of batteries and cable and motor, controller, hairball and dc/dc converter. Just wondering the weight of the removed ICE compontents. Toyota 1500cc. thanks
Most people are guessing at their numbers when converting an EV, you have a completed car. Do you have access to a scale? Up here there are a few on the edge of the city for truckers to self weigh to make sure they aren't overloaded. They are free, and you just drive on, and it displays a number on a screen. If so it might be easier to work the formula backwards. You said you have the weight of the components that were used to convert the car. (motor/batteries/controller etc.)
Take your converted weight, subtract what was added and that is your donor with all the parts removed. Compare that to the factory published curb weight (or the weight on the sticker on your door jam) and you have the weight of the ICE and other systems.

If you just want someone to do all the work for you and tell you the weight of each piece you might have better luck on a toyota Yaris forum where thousands of people have the same car. Although I think the Yaris makes a great conversion I don't think there are very many around. So you are relying on 1 or 2 people and hope the weighed each part, recorded it and made it public. I'd look for a scale.
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