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Icharger hooked up to j1772 socket ?

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I want to charge my e-bike on the go, I'd love to make an adapter j1772 socket to connect to my i-charger duo 4010 and use that to charge my bike. Any suggestions?
I've never seen people ask this question. I trust the controllers on the Icharger the most.
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Well the EVSEs just put out bog standard AC 110 or 240Vac,

so you need to set up the 2000-2500W worth of rectifier / PSU to put out 30-45Vdc from that for

input to your hobby charger to maximise its output.

With a big budget and people who know what they're doing, technically a piece of cake.

But not something you'd want to actually mount on your average bike though, but maybe a bigger cargo or trike rig.
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