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Ideas to link original gear selector to electronic gear selector

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For cosmetic reasons i would like to maintain the automatic gear selector in my build, even though i have a direct drive system. The gear selection is operated over CAN so the other end of the system would be some kind of push buttons.

The gears i will have are Drive and Reverse, and by law i need Park and Neutral.

Can anyone offer any ideas/ description for how to link an automatic gear selector and a push button system. I keep coming up with wildly complicated designs involving levers or swiveling cable operated fingers.

I think a change in buttons might help but i dont know where to find different types of CAN buttons.

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How do i make these work together?


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Just use some hall effect sensors in place of the buttons and that way when you're in a certain position it's like pressing that button.
Righto, well that seems kinda obvious now :rolleyes:
run through an arduino type gig i guess?
I'm not sure you'd have to if you're good with wiring. Whatever box that is should have all those functions, you just need to figure out what kind of a signal the buttons send and replicate it with hall effect. Find out if they're normally open or normally closed, on all, some could be different and if they're momentary or maintained.
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