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Idle reduction (Semi Truck) Battery system

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I'll be succinct.

I'm a truck driver. I sit for periods of 12-34 hours at a time in a truck cab that needs to run climate control.

Idling a truck engine expends about 1gallon of diesel per hour, costs in extra maintenance, and shortens your warranty.

Trucks have a bank of 4 12v batteries. The truck has a 220amp alternator.

I plan to use a electric heat pump system that will use about 1kw while the truck is sitting.

My goal is to buy batteries large enough to run the AC + interior electronics for at least 34 hours before the battery is discharged, I need it to still be able to start the truck.

Also, while the AC is running I want to be able to use a microwave etc. So the batteries need to be able to put out enough power.

I plan to run the heat pump off a inverter so there will be some efficiency loss there. I also use assorted appliances inside so there will be spikes of power draw (usually 5 minutes to nuke some food, 1700w microwave)

My budget is about $5000 if these batteries would be able to power the truck + start the truck at the end of 34 hours.

Note too, the AC would probably run at lower power at night on that 34 hour time table.

Any ideas? I found a "Smart Battery" which is 300ah @ 12v but the cost is prohibitive at $3500 per battery. (deep cycle lithim-ion)

I see these new Tesla cars with their crazy battery packs putting out 85kw + and I have to think surely I can get a 15kwh battery bank in a truck for $5000.

Also note, we truck drivers are always looking for better idle reduction alternatives so if this works out it could catch on big time in the industry. Most of us put out $9000 for a generator on the side of the truck just to reduce idle time. These things break down and are bloody expensive to repair but ultimately they still save money.
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Using a old or new Electric Vehicle battery was my plan here. This is why I posted the question on this site of course.

That is the only real reason I was looking for a 12v battery, but if I could get a higher voltage EV battery and just use a voltage regulator to interface it to the truck...

Please remember I'm way above my pay grade on this. "Know enough to be dangerous" as the old saying goes. Any suggestions are highly appreciated.
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