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If You Think Elon Musk Is Focused On Tesla Model 3 Production A Peek At His Twitter

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Sex, lies, and videotape. Elon Musk claims to be so focused on Model 3 he "sleeps on the Giga factory floor." We'd believe him if he didn't constantly tweet his actual interests and location:

If You Think Elon Musk Is Focused On Tesla Model 3 Production A Peek At His Twitter Feed Will Bring You Back To Earth

Here is the Vogue Magazine's Instagram on what Musk does.
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OMFG, he's not at the Gigafactory 168 hours per week!
No, and there's no need for him to be there all of the time. He just shouldn't claim a dedication and focus that he does not have.

Model 3 production would probably be better off is Musk stayed away, and instead hired someone with actual automotive production experience and gave them authority to run the operation properly, maybe he should just go play with rockets and tubes.

Also, the Model 3 problems are at the Freemont vehicle assembly plant, not Panasonic's battery operation at the Gigafactory.

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Hi Brian
There is NOBODY - NOBODY at all still alive who has done what Musk has done in the Automotive business
So unless he managed to get somebody like Ford reincarnated then he can't "hired someone with more actual automotive production experience"

I suggest that you stick to pontificating about things that you do know about
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