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IGBT Power Plate or Thyristor/ Diode Modules any good?

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I have 2 ABB Power plates from a 75 kW 380v industrial AC controller.


This is the only relevant document I could find in my search:

Also from this machine:
Thyristor/ Diode Modules skkh 132/16 e

Are any of those components good to work with for a DC controller or should I just put them on ebay?
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Perhaps the power module has a manufactures part label underneath of the ABB label.
It would be easier to identify it.
I have never seen one in this configuration, so I am at a loss as to it's capacity and ratings.

The SCR in the bottom picture has limited use (in a DC controller) unless you can use it for the diode.

The Electrolytics in the third picture, and the snubbers in the fourth picture would be usable.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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