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1948 Willys CJ2A
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Hey 2drX4, my timing is the same, at best, because I am still recovering from the cost of making a 1948 electric Willys (see Chick Magnet posts). Here is a picture of my Comanche:
Plant Tire Wheel Car Vehicle

It screams for an electric motor. Same range expectation as you, roughly 50 miles, and same philosophy to keep the original tranny. I have already developed an Excel spreadsheet to derive torque, power consumption and driving range, I would be happy to share it. We can avoid duplicating efforts on the following tasks:

  • Designing the motor adapter to the clutch housing (assuming you have a stick shift too).
  • Designing the shaft hub to which the flywheel bolts to.
  • Electrical diagram
  • Sourcing/drafting a CAD model of the engine compartment. I am thinking about investing in a 3-D scanner.
  • Drafting the motor mounts and all the custom parts for fabrication.
  • I already have a battery pack and vehicle platform design that works. It adds a little weight but allows to swap battery under 10 minutes.
  • Bill of material
  • Project budgeting

This should give our projects a good head-start, regardless of our own timing. In the execution phase, I know a good shop to fabricate custom parts.

Feel free to PM me your email.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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