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Well I have a 1993 Mazda Miata with 153k miles on it that burns about 1qt of oil every 1k of miles driven, leaking powered steering fluid and antifreeze. I can either overhaul the ICE, keep pouring more fluids in, or do a conversion to EV. I'd ideally like to convert but there seems to be such a dizzying amount of clashing information. Yes I know that I won't have a ton of room to squeeze in batteries. I'd like to get 150 miles of range min with regenerative breaking. Is this asking a lot? From what I have seen I am looking at $10k - $20k? Is that right? I am sure there's a thread or article I should read, if someone could point me in the right direction or a checklist of what I will need that would be wonderful. Thank you!

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I'd like to get 150 miles of range min with regenerative breaking. Is this asking a lot?

Batteries take up space and have weight.

Longer-range, larger EV cars that are built optimized for where they're stuffing their batteries, can do this, or about double this.

150 miles is a lot of battery to stuff into a small car.

It depends where you want to go with a drive motor.

The current meta seems to be purchasing Hybrid or EV components for cheap (under $500 for whole drivelines and inverters), repurposing the inverters, and making that work.

The older method was to buy a DC motor or grab one for cheap from a broken forklift and then buy or build a controller.

Batteries are almost certainly going to come from a crashed OEM EV now, nothing else is even in the same ballpark for cost.

Miatas are popular EV conversions, you'll be able to find lots of examples.
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