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I'm making a doco about converting a ice car into an ev. Vote for me and be in to win

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To check out more about the project go to

Lets get the word out there.
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I think the word should be Docu.

Not interested in your project, as we cover the EV scene fairly well here.
Well thanks for sharing. Documentaries normally have the ability to reach a global audience and as I member of the exclusive club of EV Builders I would like to think that we would stick together in getting the word out to people who don't read the press or search the net for EV related material.
putting EVs in the media in ANY WAY is a good thing!!! don't think so? if it weren't for seeing plucky little White Zombie spanking the daylights out of corvettes etc. on PBS, i wouldn't be here seriously thinking of doing my own conversion.

not that it inspired me to consider doing a conversion, who killed the electric car is one of my favorite documentaries and i taped the hydrogen power episode of scientific american frontiers 10 years ago. as a bicyclist, i know my mode of transportation does little to inspire "gas holes" to step out of their monsters, but driving an electric and pointing out the many advantages would.

getting the word out brings new converts into the fold. insane gas prices, global warming, pollution and even destroying the #@&%ing gulf coast isn't enough to break oil's stranglehold on the planet.

many people's impression of electric cars, without exposure to the TRUTHS might be formed by watching the simpsons (paraphrased as spoken by DROOPY)
"i'm an electric car. i don't go fast and i don't go far and when people see you driving in me, they'll think you're gay."

is that the image of EV conversion the world needs or does it need to see white zombie hitting BP upside the head with boulders? even if the documentary inspired only one person to make the switch, that person has to potential to inspire everyone they meet. i always give zapcars the thumb or a whistle.
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