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Hi Folks,

As you probably all know, for better or worse the Advanced DC motors use imperial measurements for their bolts and thread sizes.
I'm just wondering if someone could translate one of those strange imperial measurements like eighteen-three-hundred-and-seven-thousandths-of-a-hexidecimal-octogoglet-of -an-inch into English for me.
Ok, that was a made up example obviously. The Imperial Octogoglet hasn't been used for almost 3.17 Tundrilibes now.

Ok, I made all that up. Imperial frustrates me and I took it out on you lot. And considering most of you are American and more than happy with Imperial measurements, I think I'm about to get served as they say.

The reason for this (now ridiculous) post is that my FB1-4001A motor's tailshaft has a threaded hole which is labelled as a "1/4 2OUNC 2B" thread.
Now that sounds unnecessarily complicated as imperial often is, so if I go to my local hardware store looking for a bolt to fit it, how would I explain it the guy at the counter?
Can anyone translate what that thread code means exactly?
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