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I need anyone that has purchased anything from EV Components, Lithium Depot, or Headway Headquarters since July 2, 2010 to contact me.

James Morrison has been selling off batteries and other assets of EV Components (much of which belongs to customers that paid and did not recieve their goods) in violation of a Thurston County Supperior court injunction. He was required to give us an accounting of what he has sold after we had him held in contempt of court but has so far refused.

No one that contacts me is going to be in any trouble, I just need copies of your invoices to submit to the court.

Thanks in advance

Dave Kois
[email protected]
Skype dkoisii
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Thank you for the warnings,

I just saw Headway Headquarters On eBay selling at very low prices.

If you google Headway-Headquarters you will get a high number of hits.

Very interesting the domain name has been active for less then a month.

Anybody know the route to report possible scam artists to eBay?
Anybody know the route to report possible scam artists to eBay?
Done. You can report him too by clicking on "report item" link on his posted items. Here's one to get your started:

I would like to thank those of you that have replied to me so far and encourage those of you that havent yet to do so as soon as possible.

Best Regards

Dave Kois
[email protected]
I would also encourage customers of EV Components, Lithium Depot and Headway Headquarters to contact Dave Kois at [email protected]

We as a community need to protect each other against unscroupulous
vendors who would prey on our passion to bring the electric vehicle to
reality. Many members of this forum were damaged by theft and deception
by the owner of the above named companies. Help us to help you. Help us to stop him.
Hello all,

I know that I will most likely receive ridicule, be slammed, belittled, and other harsh treatment for posting, along with having this post go back to the top for all to see, but I believe that I need to defend our company from false information and insinuations that we are associated with James Morrison.

We are not associated with James Morrison in any way shape or form, and James Morrison has absolutely no ties with Headway Headquarters. It is true; at one time we did work for James, but after doing our own research, and not solely depending upon the words of others, have since cut our ties completely with James. I do not have any problem with answering questions on this forum, in private messages, through email or through phone conversation whichever is most convenient and fall within the rules of the forum.

I am not here to join the ‘bashing’ wagon on James, to create an argument, or to create additional drama in this situation. I am here to defend our company and to shed light on the misinformation that has been passed on. I am truly sorrowful for all those who have been involved in this atrocious, disgusting situation, either directly or indirectly.

I would attach my declaration that was filed in court to shed light on the extent of our involvement with James, but the file is too large to upload. I will continue on working to format the size correctly so that all print can be read clearly. If you would like to see the declaration and exhibits that I provided to the courts, please let me know and I can email them to you in a .zip file.

I was in court on November 19, 2010 only because Dave Kois involved our company in these court proceedings. I do not want to create any resentment or animosity with anyone, in particular with Dave Kois or Mike Willmon, that is far from my intentions here. Again, I am only here defending our company which was started with our own finances and our own ambition with absolutely no help, assistance, guidance, financial support, inventory, assets or anything else that would tie us in any way to James Morrison.

Jim Delgado
[email protected]

Directory of my declaration and exhibits I provided to the courts.
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