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Improve hybrids?

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I'm currently looking at buying a used hybrid and since we have snow here in Sweden, and I own a snowmobile I also want 4wd. I am looking at two options. First is the Chevrolet Silverado hybrid second generation. Great for hauling stuff and able to put my sled in the back. Second one is the Vw Touareg hybrid. More comfortable, nimble and better MPG. No bed however.
But with both these the max speed on pure electric is 30mph and range just 1-2 miles. Since both of these are from around 2010 the technology isn't the latest and best. So my question is if it would be possible to upgrade the electric parts to get better performance while in electric mode?

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I'm not sure what you could hope to improve on a vehicle which was state-of-the-art in 2010. Most people in this forum are happy to advance from what they have been using to components of production EVs of that vintage. For instance, the Remy HVH motors used in the GM Two-Mode hybrid are a very nice design, and still a current product.

The short electric-only range is fundamental to these vehicles, which are not plug-in designs: they are not intended to have sufficient capacity for any significant travel without the engine running. It seems to me that the only logical change to increase that range is to add battery... and that's far from straightforward.

As Karter2 suggested, the easy solution is to buy a vehicle which was designed as a plug-in hybrid instead... if you can find one which is available and affordable.
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