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Hello every one!

This is my first blog. I hope to record my journey of a 69 Camaro electric conversion as I have not been able to find any conversions of this kind on line. When ever I suggest it to others they look at me in wonder of how could I ruin a work of art like my car. I hope to continue in the foot steps of the original gear heads and look for power where ever I can.

This will be my first electric conversion. I have some mechanical skill as I was a UH-60 helicopter mechanic for 6 years in the Army.

I am currently in school at H.S.U. to be an environmental engineer. The 1969 Camaro was my first car and has been structurally and mechanically restored. It currently has a 383 stroker motor with a turbo 350 auto-transmission. It has roughly 320 TQ and 480 hp. The car weighs 3100 Lbs.

I still want to have a fast care but I want to be able to drive this every day as my daily driver.

I need to drive on the highway so I would like about 100 mph as my top speed.

Also I would like it to have at least 150 mile range with out putting the batteries in danger of being below 20%.

My expected daily range is between 25 and 35 miles daily.

Any advice or links to resources would be very appreciated. I hope to do this conversion over the summer of 2015.
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