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In wheel hub electric motors??

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Im new to this forum.
I have a intrest in EV cars and looking to do a budget build.

But firstly doesn anyone know of in in wheel hub electric motors?
I recent read a article about a university that converted a frwd car to awd and had two in hub motors in the rear tires. Supposedley only costing $3000. $3000 sounds very low for this type of build but i was intrested in the in wheel motors.

Anyone know where to start looking for one?

Or maybe even a motor that would connect to the drive shaft of a rwd.

Im intrested in keeping the engine in place and having some type of hybrid build.

Has anyone done this successfully?

Any belp would be appreciated.
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The old Brusa AMC motor controllers (circa 1993), have a Delta / Wye input...

Delta is about twice the RPM, and about half the torque of Wye.
Wye is about twice the torque, and about half the RPM of Delta.

An external contactor is used to switch the ACgtx20 motor between the two wiring configurations (all coils are in the junction box):

Auto part Technology Electronic device Electrical wiring

Auto part

Note: you would bring all the coils out to your Delta/Wye contactor.

The Delta / Wye input tells the AMC motor controller which parameter set to use (resistance, inductance, back EMF, etc... changes between the two modes).

My test box even supports this feature:
Technology Electronic component Electronic device Audio equipment Electronics

My truck in Delta has a max speed of 70MPH.
My truck in Wye has a max speed of 35MPH (but acceleration is twice that of Delta). ;)
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The brake disk its self could be the rotor in an axial topology AC induction motor. No magnets needed.

You could still have your brake pads and caliper for hydraulic brakes.

Then the rest of the circle is taken up with the stator coils.

If you could manage 5HP continuous per wheel, and perhaps 10-25HP peak, it could work as a bolt on hybrid conversion.

I did no math on this, just speculation. ;)
1 - 2 of 40 Posts
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