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In wheel hub electric motors??

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Im new to this forum.
I have a intrest in EV cars and looking to do a budget build.

But firstly doesn anyone know of in in wheel hub electric motors?
I recent read a article about a university that converted a frwd car to awd and had two in hub motors in the rear tires. Supposedley only costing $3000. $3000 sounds very low for this type of build but i was intrested in the in wheel motors.

Anyone know where to start looking for one?

Or maybe even a motor that would connect to the drive shaft of a rwd.

Im intrested in keeping the engine in place and having some type of hybrid build.

Has anyone done this successfully?

Any belp would be appreciated.
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Yes, you will have poor ride quality with hub motors this is one company moving forward with it that i know of
Dispite being one of the leaders in the field, even Protean dont appear to have "moved forward" with this concept in the last 4-5 years ?
I suspect one of the reasons is because the torque capability of these motors is a fraction of a conventional geared EV drive train (EG Tesla)
Their 1000Nm max is only similar (less infact) than Tesla cam produce at the motor,...before a 9.7:1 multiplication in the final drive gearing !
One other reason is of course the unmentioned cost of the (multiple) hub motors and the control systems required to drive them.
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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