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Independet FOC controller for IM and PMSM

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Hello people,

I'm a student and my hobby project is to convert and old Porsche to EV! Easy right?!!
Currently I'm still trying to program a FOC controller for any AC motor, so this is also for understanding and learning purpose.

Does anyone have experience with motor control in Matlab Simulink? I'm currently programming an XMC4400 and have to learn everything from scratch and progress is quite slow. I think I will try to keep things updated in here once I make progress if anyone is interested!

First goal is to be able to control small IM and PMSM.

Your friendly German automotive engineering student ;)
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simulink integrates well with TI's product for hardware in the loop design. here is an example:
Honestly, there's barely any difference which chip I decide for. The evaluation boards both use ARM-Cortex-M4 architecture, so they have the same functions. I already have the Infineon XMC4400 now, because the eval board has a lot of advantages, bu I think it's true that TI has better Simulink integration and many more information on the implementation...

I'll meet with an expert in HIL design for motor application from my uni next week.:D
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