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Initial Orion Software Settings help

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Orion 168 (Original). I am looking to take baby steps here. I have hooked up power and ground only, verified I can communicate with my laptop via the CANdapter. Now I need to upload the settings need for my 8 LG Chem 44 volt batteries. I am planning on tapping in to each cell manually and then connecting each battery individually to make sure each battery is recognized by itself (after triple checking with my multimeter of coarse). Once all the batteries work with the Orion BMS individually, I plan to connect all 8 batteries in series, on the bench, make sure they all function correctly with the Orion and Orion software. I will then plug in my Elcon PFC 4000 with CAN bus, once I get good communication (250K baud), then I can connect the charger, Orion BMS, and the 8 batteries in series and make sure everything works: charge, discharge, ballance, etc.

I am asking for help with the initial settings in the Orion Software to make sure it does the correct ballance, charge, discharge for my batteries. Attached is a PDF of the current "default" settings, which ones do I need to change for my LG Chem 44 volt, 33 AH, 1440 WH batteries?

I really appreciate the help with this.


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OK, how about someone that has orion experience might look at my settings and see if these look OK? The local guy wants $150 just to look at the settings...


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