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Inside GBS cells

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Note that the bottom cell is bloated, and the separators have a burned color.
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The LiFePO4 Prismatic cells don't have thick electrolyte and many actually have more than one encasement per plastic case. Like my Hi-Power 100 AH cells actually have two fully wrapped 50 Ah sections per plastic case and clearly no pourable liquid but there was some moisture. Not enough to pour by any means and doubtful if the electrolyte is poured in after they are put in. Can't see that happening with the Hi-Power because the inner pouches are wrapped. Don't see it with the others either. The TS do have a bit more liquid in them than the HI-Powers. I got to see the cells that Rickard had apart at the First EV convention.

Pete :)

I'll leave my server on so you can view the images.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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