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Inside GBS cells

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Note that the bottom cell is bloated, and the separators have a burned color.
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Thanks for posting the picture.
Can you determine how they are constructed? Are those cells composed of stacks of pouch cells, or are those the individual exposed foils with the tabs welded together?

It looks like about 40 separator sheets in each +/- terminal pair or 80 sheets per cell--so wonder if that's 80 individual foil sets, or 2 big pouches (40 foil pouch), or 80 small pouches, to make up a cell.
hard to pour peanut butter...

... The electrolyte is poured into the case through the plug at the top, at the end of construction.
Huh? What Li cell uses a pourable liquid electrolyte? In the cells that i have seen it is only a liquid in the sense of not being a solid or a gas--it has the viscosity of grease and is spread on the foils like peanut butter.

Would you be able probe down between the plastic separators to see if the electrode foils and electrolyte are actually visible or if these might be separately sealed pouches?
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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