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Insight - Will not discharge

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I got to take my 2000 Honda Insight to the dealers finally now that I have an 'electrical' problem. But wanted to see if anyone have had this problem. My 144 volt battery will charge but will not discharge, most-likely the controller. Just wanted to hear from a fellow Insight owner.
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There aren't too many Insight owners here on this forum, although I know of a few, including myself. If your mileage is under 157500 miles and it was put in service less than 10 years ago(to the date) the battery should still be covered under warranty. Do you have an IMA light? If you have an IMA light and are under warranty, see the dealer, otherwise it sounds like you need to trigger a battery relearn. You can do that by removing the negative battery lead from the 12 volt battery for a minute, reconnecting it and then starting the car, rev the engine to 3k RPM until it hits halfway, then drive it until it is full avoiding assist until it gets full. The process is better outlined on the forum, tons of Insight owners there.
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