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Hey folks. New to the forum. Trying to spark some creative discussion around some of the fancier parts of an EV.
What thoughts has anyone given to a touch screen GUI (yes, like in a Tesla) but for their homebrew?
I'm not talking tablets with 10 apps for each feature.
I'm talking about a method of bringing inputs from and sending outputs to all/most components of the car. Obviously battery management, charge management but also AC, lights, media, navigation etc.
I am thinking something in the realms of an Arduino or many to pull in data. ODE is out for full custom EVs, so you would need to essentially make a new type of vehicle management system.
A device that could do display such as an odroid maybe? Android customised and locked down.
GPS input, HDMI output to a nice 19" touch screen or similar.
AC and heating not so hard.
Lighting too? Relays, thermistors and contacts can handle this.
Same for boot locks and central too. Why not!
Reverse cam can be done too. IP input triggered by reverse engagement.
360 cam could work too if the feed could be input into the CPU.ive seen diy versions of these.
Would an auto loading android app be a good idea? One app that ports in all aspects required. Google navigation port? Audio and media player port?
It would just sleep when the cars off and auto load when ignition is turned.
Has anyone else given this some thought?
I have even more ambitious ideas than this for anyone who likes to throw ideas about.
Hope to hear from some fellow geeks.

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