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Intro and I'm Back!!! and all grown up

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Hi There guys,

how is everyone,

My name is Muj and I was a member here many many years back, maybe like 8 years ago, back in the days when KiwiEV was still a junior. :D

I was very immature then but now I am all grown up and dare I say it, a bit of an adult, nnnooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loool :D:p;)

So I have a new vehicle now, which I am thinking of changing over. I still have most of my old componets so should be able to use them. Please see the attached pics.

2011 Nissan Navara Auto Tekna, fully loaded.

I'm a builder so need it for work. I want a system which will run off the battery bank around town and when the bank runs down, I want an onboard genny,which can charge the bank and also be able to provide enough electricity to the motor to make it turn direct from the genny. Also I need the generator to be able to power the vehcile on the motorway as I do alot of motorway milage.

- adc fb1-4001a motor (double shaft)
- Curtis 1231C controller
- Manzanita Micro PFC40-XM

Thank you guys


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"I do alot of motorway milage"

Hey Muj, quick question, does fuel efficiency matter to you? Is it a primary concern or not at all?

Reason is that your typical "genny" is going to be terrible at efficiency, and it will likely more than negate any gains in a homebrew application.

Also you can just buy a well engineered hybrid for less than making one, fwiw I have a 2004 prius with a tow hitch and regularly get 50+mpg while being able to move reasonably large things (plus a trailer is easier to load, and I can disconnect it when I don't need it for better efficiency).

Your response will help me gauge how mature you have become :)

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lol I think i have alot of abuse coming my way, but its nice, bring it on.

Fuel efficiency has to also be number 1 but if I get a small to mediumish diesel genny which can create enough power for the motor, then i can run it on biodiesel. (my family and many people i know have restaurants) so getting waste veg oil is very easy and im already get up in my garden to make bio,

lots going on in one truck lol

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If the intention is to do 90% of your driving from the batteries and the remaining 10% with your diesel generator range extender, then sure, why not- assuming you can get a pack from a crashed Volt or Leaf, either locally or as an import. But if you have a ready supply of biodiesel and/or you intend to run off the range extender a lot, I'd suggest you just buy a diesel.
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