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Introducing myself - Russ Binder

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just joined, so a short introduction.
35 yrs. in engineering, marketing, sales and quality in the automotive aftermarket/hot rod and EV industry. Was with AC Propulsion for several years, including working on the BMW Mini-E project. Continuing to work on my own in the EV industry - marketing, sales, project mgmt.
Currently trying to understand the size and nature of the DIY and DIFM (do it for me) EV conversion market. Any input on what is growing, shrinking, disappearing, booming, etc. is welcome.
Trying to market/sell lithium ion battery modules and EV-specific inline transmissions, searching for best applications, converters, customer base. Both are U.S. made, high quality products. Will provide all details upon request.

Also have available 40 Complete 150 kW EV drive systems, removed from low-mileage OE pilot program vehicles. Includes motor, controller, trans w/park feature, other system parts. Systems will work perfectly with the new high-power-density cells.

Hope to talk to some of you soon.


Russ Binder