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introduction and my project volvo V50

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I am Jan Jouke from the Netherlands. I am an structural engineer from 1977. I like ice skating, tennis and mountain biking. For my hobby I like to fix and built things. Especially cars and motorcycles have my interest to modify or repair.
For a long time there was an idea to electrify an car or motorcycle. But the cost and regulations over here kept me from starting.

When looking through ads of cars I was looking for the cheapest electric car I could find. And I found an 2011 Volvo V50. It is not working at the moment, the battery pack is out of the car. In 2011 this car was modified by All Green Vehicles (does not exist anymore) for some volvo dealers (they don't know about this car anymore) to let the costumers experience electric driving. As I was told the battery would not charge anymore. in 2018 the general periodic inspection expired, so the car is not road legal at the moment. And the car was sold to an private person. He cut some wires and provided extra Eig pouch cells to the person I bought it from (there are also to much slave balance boards). This person took the battery out and left it for an year. And now I bought it.

My plan is to get it working with the battery that came with it and get it through the general periodic inspection. And than I will see what to do with it. For my daily travel I need an range of minimal 150km. When the volvo can do this or I can upgrade it so it can, than I will use it as my daily driver.

My first step is to get 11 8S batterys as good as possible. Some cells are blown up and at around 2.6 volt (while other in the battery are up to 3 to 4 volt). On one battery all cells are between 3.81 and 3.82 volt. The previous owner told me that when the batterys are balanced the car probably would work. This is what I will start. I bought an charger with balancer to get all batterys individual charged to storage ( 3.8 volt per pouch). And than trying to find out how the battery pack must be mounted and so on.

I saw that there is an lot of experience present in this forum, so for now I am reading a lot.
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