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Introduction style thread.

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Hi all.
Not sure if you have a introduction area or such but anyway.
Long term lurker but I thought I would poke my head above the parapet!
I live in London, UK. I work for an electrical wholesaler, I am a member of the Electric Railway Museum and I REALLY want an electric car. Seeing a pattern here? :D

Seriously.. I am quite fascinated by most things electrical (including big toys like tesla coils, van de graff generators etc etc) and also railways. Hence my involvement in preserving old electric trains.. and trying to get them to run.

Also like old cars. So far I have owned two Minis, an MG midget and I am currently slowing restoring a S3 Landrover SWB.
I am looking to convert something to electric. But I haven't got any concrete ideas as to what yet, and anyway I have to finish the landy first.
What I was thinking of was converting a Mini though. Old style British Leyland dragged into the 21st century

Anyway thats me. I hope to learn lots from here and hope to wear the infamous EV grin sooner rather then later.

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Welcome to the forum. The more the merrier. Lots of people here who have lots of excellent knowledge.
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