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1. Chinese State Grid plans to establish 24 fast exchanging stations in 2011
We have been entered in the building of 1st fast exchanging station, the demo project, carried out by State Grid. Our 5424pcs LiFePO4 180AH batteries successfully are selected.
China strives to develop new energy electric vehicles; State Grid plans to build 24 fast exchanging stations in 2011.
By year 2015, China plans to build 0.44million charging points, one thousand charging stations, one thousand battery fast exchanging stations. Overall investment is 48.4 billion RMB.

After the building of charging station, the State Grid realizes the importance and faster economic benefit of exchanging station. Following the same concept, the Southern Grid is cooperating with our company to establish exchanging stations mainly servicing public transportation system after their projects in Shenzhen and Guangdong city,

2. With vigorous development of new energy, many countries give positive support to electric-vehicle industry. In China, government first gives aid to electric bus for serving public transportation system.
However, for small electric car, nobody care to think how to rapidly growing and realizing the social value.
We had succeeded thinking over and implementing a new industrial mode, not only can service public but also earn the profit that is we called EMC (Energy Management Contract).

We welcome any powerful investors that have interest in this project for the Cooperation and Development. And we also hope to introduce our mode ,program,product and service to into overseas, muturally developing the market of new energy.

Energy Management Contract (EPC - Energy Performance Contracting) is a new market-oriented energy-saving mechanism. Its essence is to reduce energy costs to pay the full cost of the energy saving project operational modalities. This allows customers to use energy-saving investment earnings for future energy-saving plant and equipment upgrades to reduce current operating costs; or energy service company committed to saving energy efficiency projects, or contract the overall energy cost way to provide energy services. Energy management contract to implement energy saving projects in the enterprise (user) and entered into between the energy service company, it helps to promote energy conservation projects. In accordance with the specific mode of operation can be divided into share-based energy management services contract, commitment-based contract energy management business, energy costs, energy management services contract managed type.

3. Green economy, low carbon port
Shenzhen Yantian port plans to converting 40 electric forklift and build fast exchanging station inside the port.
If this mode succeeds, it will be spreaded across the country

4. Green airport
Shenzhen airport executes a plan to converting 10 electric elevator car in first batch and build fast exchanging station inside the airport. Other vehicles will be followed subsequently.
If this mode succeeds, it will be spreaded across the country

Whatever electric bus, building charging point and charging station, green port converting, airport converting, smart grid, none of which succeed then can copy to the whole country. It brings a huge business opportunity.

5. As the future leading and importance city of electric vehicle development, Shenzhen plans to own its one thousand electric buses in 1-3 years and build 1500 charging points in 2011.

Charging/Exchanging Station PDF files download address:

Power Transfer International Ltd.

[FONT=宋体]Email: [email protected]

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