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Inverter questions

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I just bought a Zip Zebra for $200 it uses 72v 6x SLR125’s I’d like to use it as a AC power source for tools and fridge when the power goes out.

Is it more efficient to run a 72vdc – 120vac inverter or 12 – 48vdc with contactors to flip the bank to parallel? Parallel would gives me more capacity then series or does it all equate to the same output since the series is higher voltage ‘72v’ ?

Ultimately I like to get a 240vac 2ph inverter but think the inverter will be way more than want I want to spend which is about $300
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Multiple batteries in series or parallel will deliver the same power.
Multiple batteries in series or parallel will deliver the same power.
So to be clear if I arrange the battery bank in parallel (12v) or series (72v) with the appropriate voltage inverter hooked up and have a 10A load hooked up to it I can draw from that series or parallel bank for the same amount of time although one is (12v 750A) and the other (72v 125A) I seemed to be confusing the total amperage with the Ah draw. If I convert to watts it makes more since right..

What recommendation on inverter voltage and wiring to the existing 72v bank would you have? I’m concerned with unbalancing the bank so the higher voltage the less unbalanced it would be. I think 36v would probably be ideal right? I could have two 36v banks wired to contactors since I can only find sketch looking Chinese 72v inverters or super expensive ones and 12-48v are common
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