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iPod, Iphone and iPad WiFi Telemetry System

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The WiFi telemetry systems are coming!
Spektrum RC is coming out with a WiFi telemetry system in April.
This system is used for RC vehicles but could be customised for EV use.
They will be making a WiFi dongle that plugs directly into an iPod,iPhone or iPad.
It receives wireless battery sensor, temperature and RPM values from a micro-sized sensor station.
Here are some images.


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Very nice looking kit. I have a couple of questions:
1. Where do you find this?
2. Can it work with systems other than Apple?
3. Where do you find this? ;)

Why does it need a dongle to use wifi ???
Shouldn't the Iphone/Ipod/Ipad be able to pick up a very local wifi in the car without any dongle ????

I would have thought that the telemetry system would include a wifi hotspot that the Ixxxx could join and thereby receive the information.

I for sure would like to connect the charging cord when in the car using the Ipod as a display.....

Otherwise a great idea for product.

Best regards
The iPhone telemetry software is the beginning point.
I'm sure that there will be many ways to get the data to the phone.
Thats because its not wifi. It uses the spektrum telemetry reciever with an iphone connector. So it apears they're licensing the use of the serial port to interface to their technology and then they run their own software on the iphone.
I am buying the telemetry system when it comes out in June.
I will post some commenets when in use.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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