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I'm trying to help someone with a 2012 Ford Transit Electric. Anyone have a heater for one? 馃檪
The replacement Mitsubishi heater (out of a iMiev) in it is failing to shut off and the case corrosion makes it questionable if I will be able to open that one up to fix it.

I'm looking for alternative heaters to use.
I do have a very old but never used MES-DEA RM3 heater rated 2000W 250-450Vdc.
I've had it for at least 15 years and I vaguely recall that there was a reliability problem with some of these heaters.

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Does anyone know about them? Is it safe to use?

Anyone know of other potential options?
I've already built a heater control board for the vehicle since the VCU is not responding to diag commands, so I'm flexible on the control connections.

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