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Well you need to get as big of a pack as you can stand. And I just bought 51 Calb 200Ah cells, keeping one for a spare, for a little over 12K including shipping giving me about 35kw pack. Prices have come down a bit.

High Ah cells also helps keep your DOD down which helps extend cell life it appears.

You want to keep your amp draw down so run as high a voltage as you can. That helps prevent shortening their life due to excessive amp draw. Calb recommends 0.3C continuous which is 66A on the 200Ah cell. My driving should be less on flat ground only exceeding that on hills & acceleration.

I've read LiFePo4 cells should last 5-7 years. I just spent a chunk of change so I hope they will last 10 years with my strategy. Regardless, I'm excited to be able to be able to drive 100 miles per charge. If we get >2000 cycles at that rate, that's 200K miles and I will MORE THAN RECOUP MY MONEY at that rate.

Then you have to factor in that you're not polluting the air for the driver behind you, which I love.

And you have to know that gas will be >$4/gallon in a year or two if the economy continues to improve in the US.

I'm saving about 20cents/mile over diesel, maybe more with the latest prices.

I'm good with my decision!
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